Iowa Land Auction Results: Q2 2018

Based on the data, more land has come to market, so far, in 2018 than in 2017 and the trendlines in many of the following tables indicate some softening has occurred in land prices.

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Iowa Land for Sale - July 2018

This month, there are 26 upcoming land auctions and 428 active land listings across Iowa. Here's a list of the top 10 counties with the most available land for sale:

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Consider the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) as a Land Investment Option

The USDA offers landowners a voluntary Conservation Reserve Program, referred to most often as CRP. 

What is CRP?

CRP is a guaranteed rental contract for land that has been farmed three out of the last five years, is considered highly erodible (HEL) and can be used for conservation benefits.

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Basics of an Ag Real Estate Loan

The title of this article, while meant to convey a simple and easy to read piece, may belie the complexity and multitude of options available when purchasing and financing farm land. Financing options are plentiful: fixed vs variable rate, various mixes and matches of terms and amortizations, balloon payment or fully amortizing, open prepayment options or prepayment penalties, and so on. Once a loan product is chosen, it is typically difficult and costly to undue or change. Your choice is final until the loan runs its course or one chooses to refinance. While the availability of options is great from a borrowing standpoint and for the ability to customize the borrowing experience, it also requires a certain level of understanding to make an informed decision.

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Iowa Land for Sale - June 2018

This month, there are 27 upcoming land auctions and 499 active land listings across Iowa. Here's a list of the top 10 counties with the most available land for sale:

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How Self-Directed IRAs Benefit Landowners

Considerations for Owning Land with a Self Directed IRA

Your wallet, your bank account, and your retirement plan. These are the three piggy banks you want flush with as much cash as possible when trying to paint a pretty financial picture.

Quality investments in land assets can help with the first two, but what about your nest egg?

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The Impact of Blockchain on Farmland

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared, decentralized and distributed ledger technology in which transactions are added in a verifiable and permanent manner. It is essentially a database of records shared across identical systems in a network. Often confused with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain is the underlying technology that powers them. In Bitcoin, the ledger is public and the transactions are anonymous. But for business networks, the blockchains are often private, permissioned networks where access is only granted to trusted parties in a system.

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Iowa Land for Sale - May 2018

This month, there are 35 upcoming land auctions and 469 active land listings across Iowa. Here's a list of the top 10 counties with the most available land for sale:

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5 Tips to Work More Effectively with your Ag Lender

Even though most people make one or two real estate purchases in their lifetime, the lender’s office can be an intimidating place to visit. Some would rather sit in the dentist’s chair! But with a handful of tips and some “inside information” from this article, you’ll be well-prepared and a lot more confident when you walk into your next meeting with your Ag or Commercial Lender, and it may even be more effective and enjoyable!

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7 Steps to Find the Right Farm Tenant

Finding the right farm tenant can be a stressful undertaking. For most landowners, a renter change doesn’t happen often. But when it does happen, it can mean partnering with a farmer who can bring you long-term value just by how they manage your farm.

Here are seven steps to help you find the right tenant to rent your farm.

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